Innovation Cases
Finding and Getting New Hires up to Speed

Dell Computer was building a new facility and expanding rapidly in Malaysia. We were hired to work with local staff and facilitate the expansion. The goal of the project was to quickly hire and train 600 new technical professionals in a market where the demand for skilled technical resources far exceeded supply.

The Work

In a series of two-day sessions, our task was to:

  • Build employee capacity for innovation by leading groups of employees through exercises to address key priorities and resolve issues.
  • Identify new venues to source potential IT professionals for employment.
The Results

We successfully completed four projects including:

  • Hiring 600 people in six months.
  • Creating an onboarding program that brought new hires in quickly and efficiently.
  • Determining the best practices of innovative companies and building them into Dell’s culture.
  • Creating a series of fun work-related events such as employee picnics and cocktail hours to enhance employee engagement and retention.
Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage Through Innovation

A Fortune 500 manufacturing company needed to upgrade the professionalism of its service centers, which were not making money. They wanted to build the service centers as profit centers across the globe.

The Work

We facilitated a Lean Kaizen event to create a more innovative business model for the service centers. The client brought in all of their stakeholders and examined past and present practices and performance and brainstormed possibilities for the future of the service centers.

The Results

We collaborated with the client to create training programs to raise the level of professionalism and customer service Metrics and performance tools to measure professionalism were built into the performance evaluations of the centers.

Doing More with Less

A health and human services agency for a southern state has been asked to do more with less. The model of one-to-one service was no longer an affordable way to address community health issues such as diabetes, obesity, alcoholism and drug abuse. They needed to shift to a prevention business model with the goal of improving the environment in which people live and preventing the systemic health problems.

The Work

We facilitated multiple meetings with 150 of their department heads and providers on innovation processes. One goal was to use innovation to create enthusiasm for looking at new ways of doing business. We helped them create action plans to bring more innovation into their own departments.

The Results

These department heads learned techniques to help them build innovation capacity. Two key outcomes:

  • Reduction of paperwork so that direct service personnel could spend more time with client groups.
  • Fuller utilization of community centers which generated more revenue.