Renewal & Resilience
Guiding people and groups through change and uncertainty to renew and re-energize

How can we sustain our energy and enthusiasm for the work we do? How do we help the people we work with bounce back and find meaning again after profound or disruptive changes? How do we continue to lead from a place of integrity and authenticity?

The central force that is shaping our lives today is change. This challenges our definitions of success, our sense of purpose and contribution, our abilities to flex and adapt. Leaders and their organizations need personal and professional renewal, and more resilience to sustain the energy needed to succeed.

We help individuals, groups, and organizations:

  • Chart a new course for the future
  • Find new sources of vitality and energy to attain renewed performance
  • Craft the next chapter of work or life
  • Define a legacy that is lasting
  • Discern what is important now to inspire new actions
  • Break free from old patterns and habits that hold us back
  • Build practices that sustain passion and enthusiasm for the road ahead

Click on any of the “Learn more” links below for more information and examples of our work in these areas of Renewal & Resilience.

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    Leader Renewal Workshop

    These workshops are designed to help organizations re-engage teams and leaders during or after major organizational change. These workshops are ideal when leaders or teams need to define new directions, clarify or re-negotiate relationships, or get more focused outcomes. Learn more.

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    Renewal for Health Professionals

    We work with hospitals, clinics, practice groups and other health care organizations to provide opportunities for staff at all levels to slow down and reflect deeply on their life and work, renew their vocational vitality and deepen their professional practice.. Learn more.

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    Using the Enneagram for Leader Renewal

    Knowing your Enneagram type can be a powerful catalyst for personal growth that will also enhance effectiveness as a leader. When used in an executive coaching context, leaders learn their strengths and possible areas of derailment, what they naturally pay attention to and what they avoid. Learn more.

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    Circle of Trust Retreat

    In partnership with the Center for Courage & Renewal, we facilitate Circle of Trust retreats where small groups experience a quiet, focused and disciplined space—a circle of trust—so individuals can begin to hear their own inner voices. Learn more.