Yvette Erasmus, Psy.D., LP
Organizational Psychologist
Creating Collaborative Cultures
Yvette Erasmus, PsyD.,LP.

Yvette Erasmus
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Yvette offers coaching, training and conflict resolution services to leaders and teams who want to create high-functioning, innovative and engaged work environments.

Whenever there is tension or conflict in an organization, the highest impact happens by working first with leadership teams. Yvette is particularly effective at enhancing cutting edge communication skills and strengthening interpersonal and emotional intelligence with organizational and team leaders. This results in higher morale, greater appetite for innovation and change and enhanced employee investment.

She also coaches teams who strive to be more adaptable, independent and self-directed while serving the goals of the larger organization. Her coaching enables teams to better address workplace conflicts, increase dialogue and two-way conversations and to build bridges that lead to increased engagement, cooperation and goodwill at work. She is skilled at facilitating crucial, difficult and courageous conversations that catalyze change and propel the organizations and teams to the highest levels of performance.

She provides individualized training and workshops for larger groups around strategies such as collaborative, transformative and practical communication tools, dialogue vs. debate skills, effective multi-step conflict resolution practices. These sophisticated communication tools help individuals and teams fine-tune their ability to provide honest, direct feedback that enhances reflection, growth and performance.

Yvette’s work integrates the principles and practices of nonviolent communication, facilitation, the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Modes, mindfulness, mind-body skills, self-compassion and stress resilience. Her style integrates a unique blend of humor and wisdom, openness and honesty, and a deep generosity of self and spirit.

Yvette’s area of expertise within The Collabrium is creating collaborative cultures within an organization.

Private Practice, Integral Psychotherapy, The Emily Program, Carver County Mental Health, Argosy Student Counseling Services. English Department Chair, Bali International School, Indonesia
Programming Advisor, Canyon Ranch Health Spa, Tuscon, Arizona

St. Thomas University, Augsburg University, Prairie du Chien Correctional Facility, Gold’n Plump, Bromelkamp Company, Hennepin County Social Services, People’s Inc., Wayzata Public Schools, Independent School Districts 287, 191 and others.

Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology, Minnesota School of Professional Psychology
M.Ed. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Licensed Psychologist, Minnesota