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Richard Brynteson, Ph.D. is a well-known expert in the field of creativity and innovation, and has published a number of books. earn more about Richard here:

  • A sampling of Richard’s books include:
  • Once Upon a Complex Time (2006) explores systems thinking through organizational and personal stories, illuminating systems principles through tangible examples and concrete experiences.
  • A Manager’s Pocket Guide to Innovation (2010) takes innovation principles and makes them come alive for managers. Innovation becomes a discipline for all to embrace, not just inventors of the iPod.
  • A Manager’s Pocket Guide to Social Media (2011) (with Carol Rinkoff and Jason Moran) examines the social psychology behind social media. It shows how social media tools can enhance one’s business, marketing, communication and strategy formation.
  • 50 Activities for Building Innovation (2012) is a practitioners’ guide for building innovation. It provides an excellent group of exercises to use to build capacity for innovation in any organization.
  • A Manager’s Pocket Guide to Behavioral Economics (2013) brings the concepts of behavioral economics down to eye level and makes them useable for managers in any kind of organization.

Some Of Richard Brynteson’s Books On

Once Upon A Complex Time

The Manager’s Pocket Guide to Social Media

The Manager’s Pocket Guide to Innovation