Deborah L. Fowler, Ph.D., LP

Organizational Psychologist

Creating Pathways for Leaders


Deb Fowler helps senior executives and teams create sustainable change with high-impact and results-focused consulting. She is a provocative and pragmatic consultant, helping teams at the top zero in on strategy, lead significant organizational transformations, enhance leadership skills, and successfully collaborate with key stakeholders. With an artful balance of intuition and acumen, challenge and support, she helps leaders leverage their strengths and enhance their effectiveness and impact. Intrigued by a broad range of challenges, Deb’s consulting practice spans a variety of industries including medical device manufacturing, financial services, retail, health care, professional services and education. Her 30+ years of corporate experience help her keep the business goals and objectives of her clients front and center.

Deb has facilitated merger conversations between leaders of a German and U.S. company while hiking in the Sonoran Desert, resolved conflicts between CEOs and key direct reports, and helped organizations navigate major acquisitions. She has designed strategic change initiatives – building a sales culture in a national bank, improving service quality in a retail grocery chain and fostering innovation in product development for a large insurance company. In her 20+ years as an Executive Coach, she has been especially effective with leaders at the Director, Vice President, and C-suite levels.

Core values that guide how Deb works and lives include asking the hard questions, knowing that the easy path isn’t always the right one, appraising situations honestly, and seeking adventure and engagement in life.

Vice President of Marketing, Wells Fargo/Norwest

Senior Organizational Development Consultant, Wells Fargo/Norwest

Marketing Manager, Pearson/NCS

Marketing Manager; Consultant, Wilson Learning Corporation

Glory Global Solutions, HealthPartners, Medtronic, Target Corporation, University of Minnesota Medical School, TRIA Orthopaedic Center, Wells Fargo

Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, University of Illinois, Urbana

Licensed Psychologist, State of Minnesota