Who We Are

Jeffrey Comins, Psy.D., LP, PCC
Organizational Psychologist

Enhancing Leadership Impact

Jeff is an expert at developing highly skilled executives and technical experts into powerful leaders.

Deborah Fowler, Ph.D., LP
Organizational Psychologist

Creating Pathways for Leaders

Deb helps senior executives and teams create sustainable change with high-impact and results-focused consultation.

Laurie Schmidt, M.A.
Organizational Change Consultant

Guiding Change That Matters

As a seasoned consultant, facilitator, and coach, Laurie is an expert in the tools and processes of individual and organizational change.

Richard Brynteson, Ph.D.
Organizational Innovation Consultant

Driving Innovation for Individuals & Organizations

Richard helps his clients develop innovative work processes and products in order to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

Laura Kinkead, MBA, PCC
Leadership Development Consultant

Guiding People, Guiding Ideas

Laura helps leaders and teams succeed in the midst of today’s dynamic and volatile business environments.

Steve Manderscheid, Ed.D., M.A.
Organization Development Consultant

Building Leadership Capacity

Steve works with business leaders on organization and leadership development initiatives for national and international organizations.

Pam Nelson, M.A., PCC, CPCC
Leadership Development Consultant

Advancing Executive, Team, and Organization Excellence

Pam is a recognized leader in advancing executive, team, and organization excellence.