Using the Enneagram for Leader Renewal

Understanding one’s Enneagram personality type is a powerful catalyst for personal growth and leader renewal. This system enables a look at deeply held patterns of thought and behavior, and supports leaders in making more conscious choices that can transform how they lead.

The Work

  • Leaders appreciate their core motivations, blind spots, and gifts, and how these play out in their work and relationships.
  • Leaders identify ways to improve interpersonal relationships, communication styles, and strategies for personal and professional development.

The Results

  • Working with the core motivations of their Enneagram type, leaders are able to enhance their success by better understanding both strengths and opportunities for improvements. Examples of growth strategies could include:
  • Collaborating rather than competing
  • Setting priorities and sticking to them
  • Focusing on possibilities, not worries
  • Responding to criticism non-defensively
  • Managing anger effectively