Renewal for Health Professionals

A large Midwestern multi-specialty medical clinic offered renewal retreats to staff that provided the opportunity to slow down and reflect deeply on their life and work, renew their vocational vitality and deepen their professional practice.

The Work

Through a series of weekend meetings held in retreat settings, physicians, nurses and other health professionals connected the inner life of heart, mind and spirit with the outer life of work and service in the world. Small group discussions and individual learning activities provided structured reflection on purpose, values, meaning, connection, and support.

The Results

  • Renewed sense of passion for the work and a deeper commitment to serving.
  • Greater clarity about, and inspiration for doing the best for the patients served.
  • New or deepened connection with colleagues.
  • Increased ability to balance personal and professional lives, consistent with values and priorities.

Team Renewal Workshop

Offered to intact teams and groups in organizations undergoing rapid or disruptive change, this one- to two-day workshop helps groups take responsibility for charting a future that is invigorating and inspiring. It engages both their minds and hearts in finding new sources of energy and new levels of commitment and vitality. It is designed for large or small departments, work groups, project teams and management groups.

The Results

  • Discovery of a compelling vision and purpose that can re-energize the group.
  • Agreements on new ways of working together that represent the values the group wants to hold.
  • Recognition and appreciation for individual and group strengths.
  • An action plan that includes a set of strategies to attain renewed performance.
  • Awareness and skills in what it takes to sustain renewal in the current environment of fast and continuous change.