Innovation can be the key differentiator between leading organizations and those that follow in both the private and public sectors. The Collabrium works with clients to build the discipline necessary to infuse innovation into an organization’s culture, systems and processes. We work with organizations to establish innovation practices, coach leaders on how to make steady progress and help groups generate and develop ideas.

Our focus is preparing and training leaders and employees to innovate in new ways. When what’s needed most is the actual work of innovating, we roll up our sleeves and put our know-how and experience to work. We help leaders understand their role in accelerating innovation, motivating and inspiring others and building the structure, system and processes that allow innovation to flourish. Action planning, ongoing follow-up and coaching keep innovation alive in organizations.

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Creating Collaborative Cultures

Providing tools, resources and strategies to support more effective group functioning and problem solving. Transform conflicts and encourage positive, collaborative growth in organizations.

Creativity & Innovation Publications

Richard Brynteson, Ph.D., is a well-known expert in the field of creativity and innovation. His speeches are dramatic, humorous, and high impact. He makes subjects like innovation, emotional intelligence, difficult conversations, and generational communication come to life with interesting examples and powerful take-homes. Dr. Brynteson also has a number of publications on creativity and innovation.

Innovation Cases

Three case studies that display how The Collabrium approaches innovation in the real world.

Organizational Improvement Processes

We help those leading innovation understand the tactical aspects of mobilizing their organization.

Ideation & Prototype Development Workshops

In our Ideation Sessions, organizations develop and prioritize ideas and build action plans. Teams use proven methods of ideation in the Prototype Development Workshops to develop prototypes that increase profitability or lower costs.