Senior Leadership Team Transformations

Teams at the top of organizations are increasingly challenged to deliver better results faster. The environment in which companies operate is in a constant state of change and the challenges for leader are more complex, urgent and stressful. We work with senior leadership teams to build viable strategies, alignment on goals and objectives, and collaboration.

The Work

The Collabrium’s two-part process helps senior teams achieve their objectives of high performance. The first phase is an organizational and leadership team assessment. Individual confidential interviews with the members of the leadership team are conducted to assess strengths and weaknesses of the team, strategic focus and commitment to results, leadership effectiveness and overall team functioning. The organizational assessment data is summarized and presented to the executive leader. It informs the design of the leadership team meeting.

  • The second part of the process is the facilitation of one or more full-day meetings of the senior leadership team. The goals of the meeting(s) are to make sure that the team is aligned and moving forward in areas such as:
  • Clearly defined strategic goals, objectives and plans that are shared by all leadership team members
  • A vision for team effectiveness that is fully embraced by the team
  • Strategies to enhance teamwork, collaboration and cooperation among different organizational functions

The Results

  • In a series of annual meetings over a four-year timeframe, a senior executive team in a financial services company doubled its revenue in the midst of a challenging economic environment. This stellar performance was one of the drivers of the successful acquisition by the company of its major competitor.
  • The EVP leader of a successful and high performing team in a Fortune 500 company wanted to raise the performance of the team to an even higher level. The team was able to identify areas of improvement including addressing conflict among team members and working more collaboratively across different functional areas in the group.
  • The leading regional team of a national wholesale and retail company worked well together on many levels, but was not achieving the results they had come to expect in years past. Building on the team’s strengths in interpersonal communication and dealing with conflict, we helped them to create a well-defined strategy with clear goals, accountabilities, and timelines to improve their overall performance.